Welcome to the official webpage of Bangladesh Airline Pilots Association


This is the official website of the Bangladesh Airline Pilots' Association (BAPA) released on 30th March 2006.
The site is the online information portal of the Association, and is for use for members and guests alike.
However, the members only section requires a username and password.

Stay in touch with the latest news from home, through the News Sites section.
The selection of Deshi Bangla and English newspapers. will keep you informed wherever you are.
Check the weather for your destination, including TAFs, METARs and prognostic charts, through the Aviation weather centre.
The flight schedules link allows you to view the international Biman flight destinations and timings.
The aviation tools will allow quick access to utensils that you may need while abroad.

In the members section, leave messages for your colleagues or the office, using the message board.
FCP, updated regularly, have been included as well, which will give you an opportunity to keep track of the movement of your colleagues.

Explore and Enjoy!

Should you have any comments, or suggestions, we would be happy to consider them.

Capt. Sajjadul Haq
General Secretary
Bangladesh Airline Pilots' Association.
Email: bapa_2006@yahoo.com

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